Nickel Laterite Exploration

With the growth of interest in nickel laterite resource exploration, fuelled by increased demand and new processing technologies, the need for accurate resource delineation and careful mine planning becames paramount. The traditional use of borehole grids to calculate ore reserves is neither sufficiently accurate nor cost-effective at many sites due to the complexity of tropical weathering profile. Although an unconventional approach to laterite mine planning and resource delineation, georadar has shown tremendous potential for addressing project geology, resource delineation, and mine planing issues.

GPR has significantly increased the database of knowledge regarding project geology, as well as provided invaluable assistance to mine planning by imaging the bedrock weathering texture, including the precise location of subsurface pinnacle structures and fault planes. The information provided by the GPR data, in concert with strategically placed boreholes based on these data, has enabled a laterite project to be upgraded to the measured category of mineral resource.

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Cave or Sinkhole Identification Using Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR

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