River & Lake Bottom Profiling

Recsalog involves use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or so-called Georadar into a single survey used for fresh water lake and river water depth profiling, bathymetry and sub-bottom stratigrapic sediment profiling.

Radar identifies natural features such as sediment stratigraphy and interfaces, as well as natural and man-made objects including cables, pipes, boat, outboards, logs, and other artifacts buried deep in sediments.

Radar is the preferred methods when trapped gas is present in the sediment causing loss of sonar signal and for shallow waterways and lakes 0 – 3 meter depth. Radar is more sensitive as compared to sonar and can be used to detect very low density water sludge or “thick water” present at lake or river bottom. The measurement data can be converted into a 3D model of the lake or river bottom.

Coal Exploration
Nickel Laterite Exploration
Cave or Sinkhole Identification Using Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR

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