About Us

PT RecsaLOG Geoprima (then familiar with RecsaLOG) was established in Bandung and has been actively involved in mineral and coal mining industries in Indonesia since 2004. Our company has devoted aconsiderable effort in the development and manufacturing of exploration equipment, especially Geophysical Logging (Geologging) equipments.

Geophysical Logging Equipment that we used consisted of mechanical, electronics, peripherals, and software are designed and manufactured by RecsaLOG itself using Fully Digital Technology System. The application of digital technology allows the resolution of depth sampling interval set to 2 cm depth or less. Data is saved in a LAS file format and allow to import into any mining software. Data also saved as PDF format for easy preview.

Equipment is made to be easy to run in Indonesia which has a unique geography where vihicles often can not be used for moving. As the contractor of Geophysical Logging Services, we held:

  • Ijin Usaha Jasa Pertambangan (IUJP, Permit of Mining Services issued by Directorate General of Minerals and Coal Mining). License No. 677K/30/DJB/2012
  • Member of Association of Indonesian Mining Services (ASPINDO). Member No. B-080/KTA-1/74/XI/2009
  • Registered Certificate, Directorate General Oil and Gas (Surat Keterangan Terdaftar (SKT) Direktorat Jendral Minyak dan Gas Bumi) No.
  • License of Radioactive Usage issued by BAPETEN (Badan Pengawas Tenaga Nuklir/ Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency)

Supported by more than 175 dedicated and professional employees including Geologiest, Geophysicist, Electronics Engineer, IT Engineers and related Engineers, Radiation Protection Officers and The existence of branch offices as a workshop located in strategic cities i.e. Balikpapan, Berau, Barongtongkok, Banjarmasin and Muara Teweh, ensure smooth operations and best services.

Business Area

·         Geologging Services (Coal, CBM and Shalow Oil)

·         Geophysical Investigation Services (Coal, Mineral, Oil & Gas)

·         Modelling (2D and 3D)

·         Geophysical Logging Equipments Manufacturing & Maintenance

·         Topographic and Positioning services

Uphole Equipment

WINCH SPECIFICATION Motor Power - 220 VAC/1850 RPM/0.3 HP Speed Cable - 0 - 20 meter/minute Reducer ratio - 1:60 Cable -3/16” - 4 Conductors 78 ohm/km Double Twisted Steel Armored Cable Breaking Strength - 13.7 kN Capacity - 250 m Cable length 150 - 250 m*) Dimension - 60 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm Weight - 47 kg *) Available Cable…



Downhole Equipment

Gamma High Sense Caliper Long Spaced Density Short Spaced Density Temperature (optional) Total Lenght 2740 mm Weight 22 kg   Gamma High Sense Long Spaced Neutron Casing Colar Locator Fast Response Temperature Total Lenght 2450 mm Weight 16 kg Gamma(optional) Long Normal 64” Short Normal 16”SP Lenght 2680 mm Weight…