Georadar or Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an electromagnetic profiling technique utilized for high resolution mapping of subsurface features.

The technique operates on the principle of transmition and reflection of short duration electromagnetic pulses from a transmitter that is moved across the ground surface.

GPR responds to changes in electrical properties (dielectric permittivity and conductivity) which are a function of soil and rock material and moisture content.

In addition to the commonly used “shielded antennas”, we also use MALÅ Rough Terrain Antenna (RTA) 25 Mhz series for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying. The unique in-line, all-in-one, antenna design provides improved performance for deeper penetration. The flexible “snake” like design allows the antenna to be maneuvered easily and efficiently through the densest or most uneven of terrain without affecting ground contact, providing optimum results in the most difficult of environments.  Maximum penetration is 60 meter.

Shielded antennas are used for shallow investigation/survey (such as pipes, tunnels and other utilities) whereas RTA antennas are used for deep/geological investigations.

Coal Exploration
Nickel Laterite Exploration
River & Lake Bottom Profiling
Cave or Sinkhole Identification Using Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR

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