Ground Magnetic

The magnetic survey (geomagnet) technique is based on mapping localized variations in the earth’s magnetic field caused sub-surface magnetic materials which range from naturally occurring minerals to man-made ferrous object.

This lead to wide range of applications from small-scale archeology and engineering survey to detect buried metallic object, to large scale surveys carried out to investigated regional geology trends or mineralization.

RecsaLOG operates 6 sets of Proton Magentometer and 4 sets of Proton Gradiometer from Satisgeo. The Proton Gradiometer PMG-1 is a portable microprocessor based magnetometer with resolution of 0.1 nT (gamma) by measurement of frequency free precisions proton.

With more than 10-years of experience in providing field services of ground magnetic survey for mining and petroleum applications, RecsaLOG can provide field services relating to conduct of exploration program.