RecsaLOG  Geologging Equipment, with Logging Engineer included, is available on short or long term rental plan, or single well logging service at competitive prices. Possible application includes Coal Exploration, Shallow Oil or Shallow Geology, Geotechnical, CBM, and Engineering.


Indonesian Geologging Services ? Why Not !


If you have hesitation to log your well with Indonesian Geologging Services, try RecsaLOG.

RecsaLOG will give you second opinion about logging your well, with quantitative datalog and of course, LOW COST !



1. Formation Density Gamma Probe (FDG-5 Probe) Single run Gamma, Caliper, Long Density (37 cm spacer) & Short Density (17 cm spacer)

2. GNTC (Single run Gamma, Single Thermal Neutron, Temperature and Casing Colar Locator (CCL)

3. Electric Probe (Long Normal 64", Short Normal 16" and SP

4. GEL (Single run Gamma, Single Point Resistivity (apparent Resistivity) and SP

5. SPR (Single run SP and Singlepoint Resistivity)



Winch with motor drive and 3/16" dia x 4 conductor steel armored, Length Winch Cable:

1. 150 m

2. 200 m

3. 350m

4. 500 m

5. 1.300 m

6. 1.600 m



 - High speed DataLogger, capable to host 10 Channels with 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 50 cm Sample Interval.

- Digital Communication, compatible with Pentium III, IV or higher (minimum speed 500 MHz).

- Universal operating system, include Windows 8.

- Data saved in LAS and PDF Format make your further interpretation much easy.

- Hardcopy in multipages or fanfold, BW or Color, dot matrix / inkjet / laser printer,plotter.

Uphole Equipment

WINCH SPECIFICATION Motor Power - 220 VAC/1850 RPM/0.3 HP Speed Cable - 0 - 20 meter/minute Reducer ratio - 1:60 Cable -3/16” - 4 Conductors 78 ohm/km Double Twisted Steel Armored Cable Breaking Strength - 13.7 kN Capacity - 250 m Cable length 150 - 250 m*) Dimension - 60 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm Weight - 47 kg *) Available Cable…



Downhole Equipment

Gamma High Sense Caliper Long Spaced Density Short Spaced Density Temperature (optional) Total Lenght 2740 mm Weight 22 kg   Gamma High Sense Long Spaced Neutron Casing Colar Locator Fast Response Temperature Total Lenght 2450 mm Weight 16 kg Gamma(optional) Long Normal 64” Short Normal 16”SP Lenght 2680 mm Weight…